• Thesis Defense – Drake Singleton (PhD)

    Thesis Defense – Drake Singleton (PhD)

    Neotectonics in San Diego, California: Paleoseismology, Slip Rate, and Offshore Structure of the Rose Canyon Fault AbstractThe Newport-Inglewood-Rose Canyon (NIRC) fault system is a major […]

  • Spring 2020 BS Defense

    Spring 2020 BS Defense

    Spring 2020 BS Candidates Reconstruction of Late Quaternary Offsets Along the Southernmost Elsinore Fault Zone Using High Resolution SfM Imagery BS CandidateAdvisor: Dr. Tom Rockwell Defense: […]

  • Spring 2020 MS Defense

    Spring 2020 MS Defense

    Spring 2020 MS Candidates Migration Dynamics and Internal Architecture of a Shifting Dune Field Margine, Algodones Dunes, Southeastern California MS CandidateAdvisor: Dr. Allen Gontz Defense: May […]

  • Thesis Defense – Josh Kelly (PhD)

    Thesis Defense – Josh Kelly (PhD)

    Climate-driven coastal morphodynamics along Southeast Queensland, Australia Abstract Understanding how shoreline positions change in response to the variability of multitemporal climate and weather phenomena is […]

  • New Publication

    New Publication

    Recent graduate of the Department, Chelsea Blanton, published her thesis work in Geomorphology. Look for her paper in the May 15th volume. Refining the spatial […]