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The 32nd Annual SDSU Geology Department Alumni Field Trip / Campout will be along the Colorado River with Saturday in the Dome Rock Mts. north of Quartzsite, AZ and Sunday in the Big Maria Mts. north of Blythe, CA. Brad Johnson, Research Geologist with the Arizona Geological Survey, will be sharing his recent mapping in the Dome Rock Mts. Brad has been doing detailed mapping since 1979 working in the U. S., Canada and Mexico. Brad earned his Ph.D. from Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in 1994. His research interests are Cordilleran tectonics, Proterozoic geology, Paleozoic stratigraphy of southern AZ, Laramide and post-Laramide structural geology, metamorphic core complexes and extensional detachment systems. One of his current projects, bedrock mapping of 1:24,000-scale quadrangles in collaboration with other AZGS geologists as part of the STATEMAP program, brought him to the Dome Rock Mts. to map and compile previous mapping of Jurassic granitic to diorite plutons and Proterozoic to Jurassic metamorphic rocks. A geologic quadrangle map to be published of the Northern Dome Mts. will be the result of his current project.

All SDSU Geology Alumni, faculty, staff and students are encouraged to attend– especially students. You will be alums one day, so you might as well start giving back now!

CAMPGROUND: We will be camping at Mayflower County Park, 4980 Colorado River Road, Blythe, CA 92225. Camping Fees are $23/night with campsites right along the river, 6 occupants and 2 vehicles/site. RV sites are available, phone 760-922-4665 for reservations. Temperature ranges average from the 50’the 80’s but it could be in the 40’s to the 90’s!

DIRECTIONS TO CAMP SITE: Get to Blythe via I-10, go north at the I-10 Intake Blvd/Hwy 95 exit. Go about 4 miles watching for the “Mayflower County Park” signs and turn right onto 6th Ave. Go east about 2 miles to end of road where it turns left and turns into Colorado River Rd. The park is at the end of this road another half a mile or so. Camp sites are on the right as you enter the park. There is an Albertson’s Market for supplies in Blythe just north of the 7th St off ramp from I-10. Fuel is probably 35 cents / gallon cheaper in Ehrenberg, AZ, just 3 miles to the east of the Intake Blvd/Hwy 95 exit.

SATURDAY MORNING: We will carpool from Mayflower Park/Campground about 9:30am and meet at the Hi-Jolly Monument/Cemetery in Quartzsite, AZ about 10:00am Calif. time. Stops for the day include Proterozoic schist (oldest rocks in the range), Proterozoic-Paleozoic contact with Tapeats Sandstone, Bright Angel Shale and Muav Limestone. Time permitting we may make a stop at “Desert Gardens”, one of the rock, gem and mineral concessions in Quartzsite.

SUNDAY MORNING: Depart camp about 9:30am and head north to the Big Maria Mts. where the famous 25-meter “Complete Grand Canyon Section” is exposed to compare the Proterozoic-Paleozoic contact that we saw in the Dome Rock Mts. on Saturday. We should be finished with the trip by about 1:30pm.

COMMUNICATIONS:  We will monitor Family Service Radio (FRS) channel 4 (no tone). Call for the SDSU Geology Field Trip Group but remember that FRS radios are limited to a range of just a few miles. We will also monitor the Blythe Amateur Radio Club (Ham Radio) Frequency of 147.060 + pl = 203.5 and 146.520 Simplex. Joe (N6SZO) and Bill (K6GHN) will be at the campsite early and will be monitoring the above frequencies. There is phone service in the campground but your phone may think it is in Arizona!

As Always …. Any of you SDSU Geo-Alumni that are interested in becoming involved with our Alumni Activities, such as the Annual Banquet, monthly lunch/planning meetings, quarterly trash pick-up and Field Trip or, have a special place in mind that would be good for a future Alumni Field Trip, please let me know. Please email or call me if you have any questions regarding this trip. If you think you have a better than 90% chance of attending try to let me know by February 26th so we can have enough handouts for everyone and set up car pools for the trip. 4×4 vehicles will not be required but high clearance vehicles are recommended. If the weather cooperates there will be someone in camp Thursday evening and probably Sunday night for those who want to R & R and return on Monday.

Come out and enjoy some spectacular geology and relax with our SDSU Geology Alumni Group.

Thank You. Joe Corones, SDSU Geology Alumni Field Trip Chairman, jcorones@gmail.com, Home 858-484-3582, Cell 858-603-5545.

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