SATURDAY & SUNDAY, MARCH 14th & 15TH, 2020


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The 34th.  Annual SDSU Geology Department Field Trip / Campout will be at the World Famous Red Cloud wulfenite mine and Ghost Town of “Silent, AZ” located about 40 miles north of and about 2 hours out of Yuma, depending on road conditions !  We will meet at the mine Saturday at 10:00 AM CA. time where Roger Barker, an economic Geologist with 34 years of underground mine experience and presently the General Mine Foreman, will give us the history of the mine and geology of the surrounding “Silver District”.  For $20/person, we will have access to the tailing piles and the actual open pit mine for the day to search for the elusive and very distinctive “Red Cloud Wulfenite Crystals”.  Bring tools for digging through the tailing piles and chipping away in the pit and something to put your “Treasures” in.  Might even want to throw in a Black Light as there are fluorescent minerals in the area.  Roger also has specimens for sale from the operation so bring some extra $.  Sunday you may return to the mine or leisurely return to Yuma checking out the Black Rock Mine detachment fault where several SDSU Alumni mapped back in the 80’s, or a contact along the road in the YPG (Yuma Proving Grounds) between the local granite where it has intruded an older schist.   And, you could stop at the Painted Desert Trail or Visitors Center close to Fisher’s Landing for local attractions.  There is a small store and fuel available at Fisher’s Landing but it closes at 4 PM.

All SDSU Geology Alumni, faculty, staff and students are encouraged to attend, especially students as you will soon be alums and this is a great opportunity to meet past alums and get involved in Alumni activities!

CAMPING:  We will be “PRIMITIVE CAMPING” in a wash just south of the mine so bring everything you will need for the trip.  It is a fairly narrow wash so we will be packed in pretty tight.   Could be some soft spots but we can pull you out if you get stuck!

DIRECTIONS:  About 10 miles east of Yuma on I-8 take the Fortuna Rd. / Hwy 95 N. exit (exit 12).  At this exit on the SE corner there is a Fry’s Supermarket, fast food and fuel available.  If you don’t need supplies then as you get off the freeway go to the left (north), set your odometer at “0”.  Go about 2 miles to Hwy 95 and turn right and go 13 miles to the “Martinez Lake” turn off on your left.  Follow the paved road towards Martinez Lake for about 10 miles and look for a turn to the right with signage indicating  “Imperial National Wildlife Refuge” Visitors Center, this is the Red Cloud Mine Rd.  After about 2 miles Red Cloud Mine turns right and Snipe Rd. goes straight so make the right turn and continue another mile and you will pass the “Visitors Center” turnoff so at that point you will know if you are on the right road.  A couple of miles past the Visitors Center you will see the “Painted Desert Trail” and restrooms and the road becomes pretty primitive.   About 2 miles past that you will enter the YPG and you must stay on the road for the next 6-8 miles.  Just stay on the main road/track with some sandy soft spots at times.   Continue on until you see the SDSU sign as the road turns right up and out of a wash to the Red Cloud 1/2 mile further down the road.  You will go straight down the wash a short distance and find a place to camp.  We have tow straps if anyone gets stuck.

SATURDAY MORNING: We will carpool from Mayflower Park/Campground about 9:30am and meet at the Hi-Jolly Monument/Cemetery in Quartzsite, AZ about 10:00am Calif. time. Stops for the day include Proterozoic schist (oldest rocks in the range), Proterozoic-Paleozoic contact with Tapeats Sandstone, Bright Angel Shale and Muav Limestone. Time permitting we may make a stop at “Desert Gardens”, one of the rock, gem and mineral concessions in Quartzsite.

COMMUNICATIONS:   You will be “Off the Grid” for the weekend as there is No Phone Service anywhere close to the mine!   We will monitor FRS channel 4 (no tone) on Friday evening and Saturday morning.  Call for the SDSU Geology Group but remember, FRS has limited range in uneven terrain.  For the Amateur Radio Operators, we will also monitor a repeater on Black Mt. across the river north of Picacho State Park.  146.880 -,  pl = 162.2 which is good from Ocotillo into camp depending on your location.  We also monitor National Simplex 146.520 Friday PM & Saturday AM.   Call for Joe-N6SZO, Bill-K6GHN or Sue-KM6HLY.

As always….If any of you SDSU Geo-Alumni are interested in becoming involved with our Alumni Activities such as the Annual Banquet, Annual Field Trip, quarterly trash pickup or monthly Tuesday lunch/planning meetings or, if you have a special place in mind that would be good for a future Alumni Field Trip,  let me know.  Please let me know if you think you will attend this trip as we will need to prepare some waivers at the mine and have enough handouts for everyone.  4-W drive vehicles are nice, high clearance vehicles are recommended, street vehicles may or may not make it in and it would be slow going and will depend on existing road conditions.  Contact me Wednesday before the trip for possible road updates.   If the weather cooperates there will be someone in camp Thursday evening and maybe Sunday night for those that want to R & R and return Monday?  So………Come on out and enjoy the Arizona Geology and Red Cloud Mine with the SDSU Alumni Group.

Questions….?????   Contact Joe Corones, SDSU Geology Alumni Field Trip Chairman, jcorones@gmail.com, H-858.484.3582, C-858.603.5545.

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