• Seminar – Valerie Sahakian

    Seminar – Valerie Sahakian

    Earthquake Sources: Examples from Indonesia and Southern California Dr. Valerie SahakianAssistant Professor, University of Oregon Wednesday, October 21st, 20201 pm – via zoom AbstractExamining earthquake […]

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  • Virtual Front Desk

    Virtual Front Desk

    The Geology Department office is open, virtually. Need to talk to Irene, Pia, Joan or Heather stop any time,Monday – Friday9 am to 1 pm […]

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  • Seminar – Emily Wei

    Geologic framework controls on sediment availability and shoreface morphology at the Rockaway Peninsular, NY AbstractBarrier island resilience is sensitive to the flux of available sediment […]

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  • Seminar – Derek Benson

    Seminar – Derek Benson

    Lithium from geothermal brines (from well to wheels) Derek BensonChief Operating Officer, EnergySource Wednesday, October 14, 20201pmwatch Derek’s talk here AbstractBy extracting lithium from geothermal […]

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  • Seminar – Mini GSA

    Seminar – Mini GSA

    Characterizing wetland development and infilling using GPR on North Stradbroke Island (Minjerribah), Australia Dr. Allen GontzProfessor, San Diego State UniversityWednesday, October 7th, 20201 pm – […]

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  • Seminar – James Dottin

    Seminar – James Dottin

    Isotopic evidence for multiple recycled sulfur reservoirs in the Mangaia mantle plume AbstractEarth’s mantle is geochemically characterized with long-lived radiogenic isotopes of Sr, Nd, and […]

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  • Seminar – Trent Biggs

    Seminar – Trent Biggs

    Transboundary sediment loads and water quality in the Tijuana River Watershed  Abstract High sediment loads from Tijuana threaten ecosystems in the Tijuana Estuary by burying […]

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  • Seminar – William Welsh

    Seminar – William Welsh

    Circumbinary Planets at the Kepler-TESS (K-T) Boundary AbstractNASA’s Kepler Mission was spectacularly successful: its discovery of ~2400 exoplanets has revolutionized our understanding of the sizes […]

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  • Seminar – Jillian Maloney

    Seminar – Jillian Maloney

    Active margin stream evolution over the most recent sea-level cycle AbstractSea-level changes have occurred throughout Earth’s history at various timescales, with the most recent global […]

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  • Seminar – Dave Kimbrough

    Seminar – Dave Kimbrough

    Continetal accretion and evolution of the southwest North American continental margin; new insight from detrital zircon U-Pb provenance data Dr. Dave KimbroughProfessor – San Diego […]

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