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Seminar – Rebecca Dorsey

Stratigraphic Record of Late Cenozoic Basin Development Along the Pacific-North American Plate Boundary in the Gulf of California and Salton Trough Dr. Rebecca DorseyProfessor – […]

Seminar – Jennifer DiCenzo

Geology and Environmental Science Careers at Rincon Jennifer DiCenzoPaleontological Program ManagerRincon Consultants, Inc. Wednesday, November 17, 20211pm – CSL 422or via zoom Summary: Rincon Consultants, Inc. […]

Meet Dr. Rafael Almeida

Dr. Rafael Almeida has worked all over the world to identify fault lines and prevent economic and environmental damage from seismic activity.

Learn more about Dr. Samantha Bova

Dr. Samantha Bova is a paleoceanographer and paleoclimatologist, meaning she researches how the earth’s climate has changed over time.

Seminar – How to apply to grad school

Dr. Jillian MaloneyUndergraduate Advisor Wednesday, November 3, 20211 pm in CSL 422 watch seminar here Interested in applying to grad school and not sure where […]