Thesis Defenses

Thesis Defense – Kendra Carty

Petrochemistry of the Jacumba Volcanics at Devils Canyon, west of Ocotillo, California Kendra Carty BS Candidate Advisor: Dr. Vic Camp Thursday, May 5th, 2016 CSL 422 […]

Thesis Defense – Jennifer Gonzales

The Role of Macrocystis pyrifera on Iodine Speciation in the Coastal Ocean Jennifer Gonzales BS Candidate Advisor: Dr. Carl Carrano and Dr. Dave Kimbrough Thursday, May […]

Thesis Defense – Ellen Buelow

Evolution of the Neogene Cacheuta Basin: A Record of Orogenic Exhumation and Basin Inversion in the south central Andes Ellen Buelow MS Candidate Advisor: Dr. Dave […]

Thesis Defense – Anayeli Picasso

Weathering of an 108 Ma Cretaceous gabbro within a Mediterranean climate: a case study of unusual elemental mass redistribution Anayeli Picasso MS Candidate Advisor: Dr. Gary […]

Thesis Defense – Evan Hirakawa

Poro-Elasto-Plastic Off-Fault Response and Dynamics of Earthquake Faulting  Evan Hirakawa Ph.D. Candidate Advisor: Dr. Shuo Ma Monday, March 21st, 2016 CSL 422 – 10:30 am […]