Thesis Defenses

Thesis Defense: Andy Jerrett

Paleoseismology of the Imperial Fault at the U.S.-Mexico Border and Correlation of Regional Lake Stratigraphy Through Analysis of Oxygen/Carbon Isotope Data Andy Jerrett MS Candidate […]

Thesis Defense: Kaitlin Wessel

500 Year Rupture History of the Imperial Fault at the International Border Through Analysis of Faulted Lake Cahuilla Sediments, Carbon-14 Data, and Climate Data Kaitlin […]

Show Me Geology in full swing!

Show me geology is powered by student volunteers like those in the photo above. ┬áThe goal is to bring K-8 students on campus for a […]

2015 Grand Canyon Trip

Historical Geology, Mineralogy, and Geologic Inquiry students spend 3 days at the Grand Canyon! View all Get your own