Thesis Defenses

Thesis Defense – Ryne Adams MS

Future groundwater depletion may exceed long-term sustainability goals set by SGMA in the Central Valley, California, USA (2020-2070) Ryne Adams – MS CandidateAdvisor: Dr. Matthew […]

Thesis Defense – Hannah Carney MS

Differentiating the Geochemical Signature of Northern Papua New Guinea Margin Sediments from 20 kyr ago to Present Hannah Carney – MS CandidateAdvisor: Dr. Samantha Bova […]

Spring 2022 Thesis Defenses

Depositional History & Sediment Analysis of Old Lake Cahuilla Highland in Coachella CA Zoe Morgan – BS CandidateAdvisor: Dr. Thomas Rockwell May 6, 2022 @ […]

Thesis Defense – William Buckley MS

Estimating slip distribution along the southernmost ~80 km of the San Andreas fault by examining tectonically offset geomorphic features William BuckleyMS Candidate Advisor – Dr. […]

Thesis Defense – Daniel Knorr BS

Building Out a Monitoring Well Database to Evaluate Future Groundwater Sustainability in the Southern Central Valley Daniel KnorrBS Candidate Advisor – Dr. Matthew Weingarten Friday, […]