Rafeal Almeida head shot


Assistant Professor (coming Spring 2021)

Ph.D., 2014 Columbia University

Deformation processes of the Andes, as well as basin development in the forearc region, using mostly field studies 

Samantha Bova head shot


Assistant Professor (coming Fall 2021)

Ph.D., 2017 Brown University

Paleoceanogrpahy, focusing on the geochemistry of sediment on the ocean floor to understand past changes in the Earth’s climate.

Professor (2016-Present)
-Department Chair

Ph.D., 2005 University of Maine

Quaternary environmental change, geoarchaeology, stratigraphy, climate, applied shallow Earth geophysics, beached, dunes, rivers, and wetlands

Office: GMCS-227 • Phone: 619-594-2648 • Email: agontz@sdsu.edu • Dr. Gontz’s Website

Accepting MS students for Fall 2021

Professor (1989-Present)
-Undergraduate Advisor


Ph.D., 1982 UC Santa Barbara

Geochronology, isotope geology, petrology, and tectonics

Office: GMCS-229A • Phone: 619.594.1385 • Email: dkimbrough@sdsu.edu • Dr. Kimbrough’s Website

Associate Professor  (2008-Present)
-Graduate Advisor

Ph.D., 2006 University of California, Santa Barbara

Earthquake source physics, Seismic wave propagation in complex media, Fault zone damage, Crustal deformation, and Seismic interferometry

Office: GMCS-233A • Phone: 619.594.3091 • Email: sma@sdsu.edu • Dr. Ma’s Website

Associate Professor (2014-Present)

Ph.D., 2013 UCSD – Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Combining geophysical data including seismic reflection, multibeam bathymetry, and sidescan sonar with sediment analysis to study a number of geologic research topics.

Office: GMCS-117 • Phone: 619.594.1395 • Email: jmaloney@sdsu.eduDr. Maloney’s Website • Maloney Lab Website

Professor (2004-Present)
Director, JDP Geophysics
The Rollin and Caroline Eckis Chair in Seismology

Ph.D., 1994 University of Utah

3-D simulation of wave propagation using finite differences, strong ground motion and site amplification, earthquake dynamics, non-linear effects in strong ground motion, modeling and migration of crosswell seismic data, parallel and high-performance computing, visualization and animation.

Office: GMCS-231A • Phone: 619.594.2649 • Email: kbolsen@sdsu.edu • Dr. Olsen’s Website

Accepting JDP PhD students for Fall 2021

Professor (1983-Present)

Ph.D., 1983 UC Santa Barbara

Tectonic geomorphology, neotectonics, soils stratigraphy, and the earthquake histories of major faults in southern and Baja California

Office: GMCS-223A • Phone: 619.594.4441 • Email: trockwell@sdsu.edu • Dr. Rockwell’s Website

Associate Professor (1991-Present)

Ph.D., 1990 UC Los Angeles

Water resources evaluation and modeling of organic contaminant transport through porous media

Office: GMCS-228F • Phone: 619.594.1392 • Email: kthorbjarnarson@sdsu.edu • Dr. Thorbjarnarson’s Website

 Assistant Professor (2018-Present)

Ph.D., 2015  University of Colorado-Boulder

Hydrogeology, geomechanics, induced seismicity, and fluid-fault interactions.

Office: GMCS-228J • Phone: 619.594.5160 • Email: mweingarten@sdsu.edu • Dr. Weingarten’s WebsiteWeingarten lab Website

Accepting JDP PhD and MS students for Fall 2021

Rob Hawk



Engineering Geologist

Office: GMCS-244 • Email: tecdelver@gmail.com

Kip Hering



Petroleum Geologist

Phone: 619.594.5586 • Email: k.hering@cox.net


Geoscience education

Office: GMCS-228A • Phone: 619.594.1386 • Email: rockrobinson@gmail.comProfessor Robinson’s Website


M.S., 1999 San Diego State University

Geoscience education

Office: GMCS-228G• Phone: 619.594.5607 • Email: isacramentogrilo@sdsu.eduProfessor Sacramento-McJilton’s Website

Tom Deméré


Affiliate Lecturer

Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles

Curator of the Paleontology at the San Diego Natural History Museum and Director of the Department of PaleoServices (Joshua L. Baily, Jr. Chair of Paleontology)

Office: GMCS-228C• Phone: 619.594.5586 • Email: tdemere@sdnhm.org

Affiliate Professor (1980-Present)
Director, SDSU Visualization Center Director
-Director of Fire Infrastructure Research and Education Solutions (FIRES) Center
-Co-Director, Center for Information Technology and Infrastructure
Co-Director, Graduate Program in Homeland Security Co-Director
-Co-Director of Center Against Trafficking of commodities and Humans (CATCH)


Ph.D., 1983 University of Southern California

Structural geology, field geology, regional tectonics, seismic reflection profiling, and geologic imaging

Office: CSL-120 • Phone: 619.594.5960 • Email: eric.frost@sdsu.edu • Dr. Frost’s Website

John Love head shot


Affiliate Associate Professor (2001-Present)

Ph.D., 1998 University of California, San Diego

Protein design and engineering, geared towards applications in the field of protein-based drug design.

Office: CSL-339A • Phone: 619.594.2063 • Email: jlove@sdsu.eduLove Group Webpage

Affiliate Professor (2002-Present)
-Associate Vice President, Curriculum, Assessment, and Accreditation

Ph.D., 2000 University of Southern California

Paleobiology and paleoecology of invertebrates and protists, Mesozoic and Cenozoic paleoceanography, applications of isotopic and elemental chemistry to biological, ecological, and environmental research

Office: GMCS-117 • Phone: 619.594.1039 • Fax: 619.594.4372 • Email: saschellenberg@sdsu.edu • Dr. Schellenberg’s Website

Barry Hanan


SSPAR, Research Scientist (1989-Present)

Ph.D., 1980 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Igneous/metamorphic petrology, isotope geochemistry, and tectonics/mantle geodynamics

Office: PS-117 • Phone: 619.594.6710 • Email: bhanan@mail.sdsu.edu

Daniel Roten head shot


Computational Research Scientist (2015 – Present)

Ph.D., 2008 Eidgenössische Technische Hochscule Zürich

Seismic hazards with an emphasis on physics-based ground motion prediction and site response.

Office: GMCS 228E • Email: droten@sdsu.edu