Megan Gore
Aztec for Life Prize Giveaway winner Megan Gore (’12) holds her new sweatshirt

The first student to complete SDSU’s Foundational Level General Science Program, Megan Gore, the latest Aztec for Life Prize Giveaway,  credits geology instructor Isabelle SacramentoGrilo for inspiring her to teach science.

“She’s made it so awesome,” Gore explains. “Before then, I had no interest in science, I just wanted to teach elementary school, but she’s the reason I’m going to teach middle school and high school.”

Gore says her favorite place on campus is the fourth floor of the library, “because that’s where the children’s books and all the teaching books are.” She describes her student experience at SDSU as “amazing.”

After taking an extra year just of science classes and now working on her teaching credential, Gore is in her sixth year on campus.

“I love it,” she says. “I don’t ever want to leave.  It’s so fun.”

Source: Alumni eNewsletter