The Baylor Brooks Laboratory for Isotope Geology

The Baylor Brooks laboratory was dedicated in 1988 and has two permanent members: Dr. David L. Kimbrough, Professor of Geological Sciences and Dr. Barry B. Hanan, Staff Scientist. In addition, visiting professors from institutions such as University of Iowa, University of South Carolina, University of Windsor (Ontario), Hokkaido University, University of California at Santa Cruz, Oregon State University, Scripps Institute of Oceanography, and the Geological Survey of New Zealand have spent anywhere from one to two semesters collaborating on a a wide variety of research projects. A successful N.S.F. grant application (Professors Hanan, Girty, and Kimbrough) with matching funds from S.D.S.U. resulted in the acquisition of a VG Sector 54, seven-collector thermal ionization mass spectrometer. The instrument is fully automated with a 20-position sample turret, and has been in operation since August 1991. The existing clean room is supplimented by a new Class-100 lab that has been constructed in the adjacent IA building. New rock crushing and mineral separation facilities are available.