Current Students

Yue Du
Yu Du

 Committee: Shuo Ma (Chair, SDSU)

Riley Hill
Riley Hill

Committee: Matt Weingarten (Chair, SDSU)

Josh Kelly
Josh Kelly

Committee: Allen Gontz (Chair, SDSU)

Roslynn King
Roslynn King         

Committee: Jillian Maloney (Chair, SDSU)

Zhifeng Hu

Zhifeng Hu

Committee: Kim Olsen (Chair, SDSU)

Yuval Levy

Yuval Levy

Thesis topic: Structural Architecture of the Western Transverse Ranges and Potential for
Large Earthquakes
Committee: Tom Rockwell (Chair, SDSU), Trent Biggs (SDSU), Yuri Fialko (UCSD), Neal Driscoll (UCSD), Tara Hutchinson (UCSD)

Drake Singelton
Drake Singleton

Thesis topic: Paleoseismology, Slip Rate, and Offshore Structure of the Rose Canyon Fault
Committee: Jillian Maloney (Chair, SDSU),
Thomas Rockwell (SDSU) ,Ducan Agnew (UCSD), Trent Biggs (SDSU), Joel Conte (UCSD)

  • Workshop Report: IODP workshop: Core-Log-Seismic Investigation at Sea – Integrating legacy data to address outstanding research question in the Nankai Trough Seisomgenic Zone Experiment
  • Publication under review: Late-Holocene Rupture History of the Rose Canyon Fault in Old Town, San Diego: Implications for cascading earthquakes on the Newport-Inglewoor-Rose Canyon Fault System (Bulletin of Seismological Society of America)
  • San Diego Union Tribune article covering active research
  • Interview with the La Jolla Light: Where the Fault Meets the Salt
Nan Wang
Nan Wang

Committee: Kim Olsen (Chair, SDSU)

Te-Yang Yeh
Te-Yang Yeh

Thesis Topic: Modeling Broadband Seismic Wave Propagation in 3D Complex Mdeia
Committee: Kim Olsen (Chair, SDSU), Li-Tien Cheng (UCSD), Steven Day (SDSU), Peter Shearer (UCSD)
Samuel Shen (SDSU)

Past Students

Yongfei Wang
Yongfei Wang

PhD – August 2019: Dynamic Modeling of Pulse-like earthquake and ground motion
 Steven Day (co-chair, SDSU), Peter Shearer (co-chair, UCSD), Jiun-Shyah Chen     (UCSD), Yuri Fialko (UCSD), Kim Olsen (SDSU), Sam Shen (SDSU)

    • Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics Paul G. Silver Research Enhancement Award 2016
  • Post-doctoral Fellow at the Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC)

William Savran

William Savran

PhD – December 2018: Developing Stochastic Models as Inputs for High-Frequency Ground Motion Simulations
Committee: Kim Olsen (Chair, SDSU),
Steve Day (SDSU), Peter Shearer (UCSD), George, Christakos (SDSU), Enrique Luco (UCSD), Yifeng Cui (SDSU)

  • Software Engineer at Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC)

Qian Yao

Qian Yao

PhD – August 2017: Dynamic Modeling of Earthquake Sources on Rough Faults
Committee: Steven Day (Chair, SDSU), Joel Conte (UCSD), Yuri Fialko (UCSD), Shuo Ma (SDSU)
Samuel Shen (SDSU)

  • Data Scientist at Microsoft, Bellevue, Washington

Yuxiang Zhang

Yuxiang Zhang

PhD – June 2017: Parallel Goal-Oriented Adaptive Finite Element Modeling for 3D    Electromagnetic Exploration
Committee: Yuri Fialko (Chair, UCSD), Steve Day (SDSU), Michael Holst (UCSD), Kerry Key (UCSD), Samuel Shen (SDSU), Len Srnka (UCSD)

  • Analytic Scientists FICO, San Diego
Kyle Withers
Kyle Withers

PhD – August 2016: Ground Motion and Variability from 3-D Deterministic Broadband Simulations
Kim Olsen (Chair, SDSU), Steven Day (SDSU), Peter Blomgren (SDSU), Peter Shearer (UCSD), Enrique Luco (UCSD), Yifeng Cui (UCSD)

  • 2-year Mendenhall Fellowship at the Golden, CO office of USGS
Evan Kirakawa Kim Olsen
Evan Hirakawa

PhD – March 2016: Poro-Elasto-Plastic Off-Fault Response and Dynamics of Earthquake Faulting
Committee: Shuo Ma (Chair, SDSU), Steven Day (SDSU), David Sandwell  (UCSD)
Joel Conte (UCSD), Julios Valdes (SDSU)

  • Post-doc at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • Chevron Scholarship – SDSU 2014/15
  • Research Geophysicist at the Menlo Park, CO, office of USGS

Peer-reviewed papers with involvement of JDP students*

Withers, K.W.*, K.B. Olsen, Z. Shi, and S.M. Day (2018b). Validation of Deterministic Broadband Ground
Motion and Variability from Dynamic Rupture Simulations of Buried Thrust Earthquakes,  Bull.
Seis. Soc. Am., in press.
Withers, K.W.*, K.B. Olsen, Z. Shi, and S.M. Day (2018a). Ground Motion and Intra-event Variability from 3-D
Deterministic Broadband (0-7.5 Hz) Simulations along a Non-planar Strike-slip Fault, Bull.
Seis. Soc. Am., in press.
Kelly, J.T.* and A.M. Gontz (2018). Using GPS-surveyed intertidal zones to determine the validity of shorelines
automatically mapped by Landsat water indices, International Journal of Applied Earth Observation
and Geoinformation, 65, 92-104. IF (5 year) 4.433
Kelly, J. T*. and Gontz, A., 2017, Using GPS-surveyed intertidal zones to determine the validity of shorelines
automatically mapped by Landsat water indices. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and
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Nie, S., Wang, Y.*, Olsen, K. B., & Day, S. M. (2017). Fourth-Order Staggered Grid Finite Difference Seismic
Wavefield Estimation Using a Discontinuous Mesh Interface (WEDMI). Bulletin of the Seismological
Society of America, 107(5), 2183-2193.
Wang, Y.*, and S.M. Day, (2017). Seismic source spectral properties of crack-like and pulse-like modes of
dynamic rupture, J. Geophys. Res., doi: 10.01002/2017JB014454.
Hirakawa, E.*, Pitarka, A., and R. Mellors, (2016). Generation of Shear Motion from an Isotropic Explosion
Source by Scattering in Heterogeneous Media. Bull. Seis. Soc. Am., Vol. 106, doi: 10.1785/0120150243.
Hirakawa, E.*, and S. Ma (2016), Dynamic fault weakening and strengthening by gouge compaction and
dilatancy in a fluid-saturated fault zone, J. Geophys. Res., 121, doi: 10.1002/2015JB012509.
Roten, D., Y. Cui, K.B. Olsen, S.M. Day, K. Withers*, W.H. Savran*, P. Wang, and D. Mu (2016). High-Frequency
Nonlinear Earthquake Simulations on Petascale Heterogeneous Supercomputers,  Procs. Supercomputing
Conference, Salt Lake City, November 2016
Savran, W.H.*, and K.B. Olsen (2016). Model for Small-Scale Crustal Heterogeneity in Los Angeles Basin Based
on Inversion of Sonic Log Data, Geophys. Jour. Int. 205, 856-863
Haneberg, W. C., Kelly, J. T.*, Graves, H. L., and Dan, G. 2015. A GIS-based decision-support approach to
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Withers, K.B.*, K.B. Olsen and S.M. Day (2015). Memory Efficient Simulation of Frequency Dependent Q, Bull,
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Kelly, J. T.*, Carey, S., Croff-Bell, K. L., Roman, C., Rosi, M., Marani, M., and Pistolesi, M. 2014. Exploration of
the 1891 Foerstner submarine vent site (Pantelleria, Italy): insights into the formation of basaltic balloons.
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Ma, S., and E. T. Hirakawa* (2013), Dynamic wedge failure reveals anomalous energy radiation of shallow
subduction earthquakes, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 375, 113 – 122, doi: 10.1016/j.epsl.2013.05.016