Center for Inland Waters – A Resource for Students, Teachers, Researchers, Decisionmakers, and the General Public.


Digital Geophysical Analysis – A web site developed to help visualize digital and spectral geophysical analysis.


Geology Park – This geological park is unique in the California State University system. Except for the grass, all species are living representatives of land-dwelling plants whose ancestors extend back at least 150 million years in the fossil record.


Google Earth Geology – Educational resources using Goggle Earth to explore geology.


Great Books Touching on Geological Sciences and Oceanography – A web site developed for the general reader, providing them a list that illuminate aspects of Geological Sciences or Oceanography while focusing on other issues.


How Volcanoes Work – A web site developed as an educational resource that describes the science behind volcanoes and volcanic processes.


Mission Trails Regional Park Seismic Station – The MTRP strong motion sensor is located under the display, allowing people to jump, stamp feet, and otherwise create seismic waves that appear almost immediately on a computer monitor.


Notes on Planet Earth – Web based blended general geology course, GEOL 100 Planet Earth, used at SDSU and other schools.


Overnight Sciences Excursions – A field course taught with UCSD that provides teachers with Earth Sciences content knowledge and curricular development through a minds-on, hands-on approach to teaching and learning.


Peninsular Ranges Batholith Rock Suites – Order suites of rock samples that represent the Geology of San Diego County. Designed for Universities and K-12 schools.


Planetary Geology – Speaker Service Presentations that lie within the field of Planetary Geology for any nonprofit gathering interested in science.


RP Oceans Lab – Hands on Oceanography lab, designed for students of all ages. Live Web Cam.


SAGE – (Summer of Applied Geophysical Experience) A field based program in applied geophysical methods for advance undergraduates, graduates, and professionals.


Science Explorer’s Club – A outreach activity for Native American children. The program runs monthly on 11 reservations in the County for Kumeyaay, Luiseno, Cupeno, and Cahuilla Indian youngsters.


Seminar Series – A free weekly series of speakers in relation to the Earth Sciences.


Show Me Geology – Geological Science education program for K-12.


Visual Structural Geology – Freeware programs developed for classroom lectures involving various aspects of structural geology.


Written in Stone Video series is to unite city dwellers with their urban landscapes.