Energy & Climate Change

Bruce Laws

Bruce Laws
Oil & Gas Executive
Host: Dave Kimbrough

Wednesday, March 1, 2017
CSL  422 – 1 pm

Global population, economic and social progress trends will create strong growth in energy demand for decades to come, driven by non-OECD countries such as China and India.  Beneficial outcomes of growing energy consumption include increased human longevity, improved global food and potable water availability, as well as decreases in morbidity and incidence of disease.

Climbing global energy demand has also increased CO2 emissions, accentuating the current warming period which started about 20,000 years ago, based on Antarctic ice core data.  Adapting to the earth’s continually changing climate presents challenges to mankind – as it always has.  

Projections through 2040 of energy types, on a regional or country usage basis, lead to focus areas such as emissions, opportunities for substitution and understanding the critical role of technology.  Influencing public policy is greatly enhanced by each individual’s willingness to think critically, to ask questions and to consider alternatives especially when presented with conclusions designed to advocate a position in our politically polarized culture.